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The Jacob Holloway House


The Jacob Holloway House, Director Kristina Estle

This is a model of the safe house that was located in Flushing, Ohio. It was demolished in the early 2000s, but we will always remember this family…

Jockey Statue


Jockey Statue, Director Kristina Estle

These statues were used to indicate the direction of a safe house or station of the underground railroad where runaway slaves could find shelter and…



Wanted!, Director Kristina Estle

When slaves would runaway, bounty hunters would run after them and capture them for the reward money. Slaves were very valuable to the masters of the…

Trails of the Underground Railroad


Trails of the Underground Railroad, Director Kristina Estle

William Siebert mapped all the known underground railroad trails after the ending the slavery. Thanks to this historian, we can continue educating on…

Harriet Tubman


Harriet Tubman, Director Kristina Estle

Harriet, a successful runaway slave, sacrificed her life on numerous occasions running runaway slaves from the southern plantations to the northern…

The Runaway


The Runaway, John Mattox Jr.

As we look out the window in the slave cabin, we see a fleeing man, all he takes with him is tucked away in the sack on his shoulder. He is fleeing…



Washboard, Director Kristina Estle

This is an antique washboard. During this time, washing of clothes was done by hand. Slaves would have washed their master and his family's clothes…

Horse Reins


Horse Reins, Director Kristina Estle

These old horse reigns would have been used on horses. Horses were not only used as farm animals, but they were a mode of transportation. They could…

Slave Household Items


Slave Household Items, Director Kristina Estle

This picture depicts what items you may find in a slave cabin.

Wood stove


Wood stove, Director Kristina Estle

Most slave cabins consisted of fireplaces, but some were fortunate to have wood stoves. They could serve multiple purposes; they would heat the…

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