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Slave Collar


Slave Collar, Director Kristina Estle

This slave collar was placed on a slave who had previously attempted to run away; the long spiked probes would prevent another attempted escape in…

Slave Collar


Slave Collar, Director Kristina Estle

This slave collar contains three metal extension with bells on the end. Every time the enslaved person wearing this collar would move, the bells would…

Leather Whip


Leather Whip, Director Kristina Estle

This leather whip was used to punish enslaved people.

Slave Tag


Slave Tag, Director Kristina Estle

This slave tag was used for identification purposes. They would have been used when the slave was loaned out for another job or when the slave would…

Thumb Screw


Thumb Screw, Director Kristina Estle

This thumbscrew was used as a torture device to retrieve information from the enslaved or used as punishment. The screw would crush the knuckle of the…

Branding Iron


Branding Iron, Director Kristina Estle

This branding iron was used on enslaved people to mark them as their owner's property. Each owner created their own mark, and the enslaved were…

Cat-O-Nine Tails


Cat-O-Nine Tails, Director Kristina Estle

This whip-like object was used to whip enslaved people. Its name is derived from the nine leather strips. Typically the ends were knotted.

Child-Sized Wrist Shackles


Child-Sized Wrist Shackles, Director Kristina Estle

These wrist shackles were used on enslaved persons to restrict movement. This pair would have been used on a child.

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