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National Tribute


National Tribute, Director Kristina Estle

Newspaper article June 30, 1887, Washington, D.C., this article retells the stories told by Civil War soldiers.

Pride Over Prejudice


Pride Over Prejudice, Director Kristina Estle

A depicted scene at the Battle of Nashville on Dec. 16, 1864, painted by Rick Reeves.

Prelude to Surrender


Prelude to Surrender, Director Kristina Estle

Large picture depicting Appomattox, the ending of the Civil War. The scene at Appomattox, Virginia, April 9, 1865 painting by Rick Reeves.

Call to Arms!


Call to Arms!, Director Kristina Estle

With the promise of freedom in sight, many freed and enslaved men of color enlisted in the Civil War. Advertisements such as shown were used to excite…

Civil War Bullets


Civil War Bullets, Director Kristina Estle

This is a collection of bullets used during the Civil War.

Civil War Musket


Civil War Musket, Director Kristina Estle

Civil War musket US Model 1861.

Civil War Discharge Paper


Civil War Discharge Paper, Director Kristina Estle

Authentic discharge document from the Civil War era. Elijah S. Brown, a local soldier from Bellaire, Ohio, 43rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry. First…

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